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  • Family Preservation Services (FPP) practices evidence-based principles with certified training based on Evidence-Based principles through the National Family Preservation Network (NFPN), The Institute for Family Development and Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) Safety Assessment and Management Process.  FPP is a three to six-month intensive program that provides intervention to youth and families identified at imminent risk of placement out of their home or transitioning home from placement. 

  • Primary components of FPP include:

    • immediate response within 24-hour contact, crisis stabilization (24/7), availability 7 days a week with flexible schedules, comprehensive risk and level of function, and other forms of assessment including family needs and safety assessment, strength-based goal planning, intensive coordination, and linkage to community resources, cross-system planning and coordination, family restructuring and decision making, behavioral intervention and parenting education, brief individual and family intervention, and support with budgeting, housing, medical and behavioral health services, transportation, emergency cash and goods, job skills, school-related problems, community-based supports, legal, and court-related representation.

    • FPP seeks to prevent out of home placement of children considered at imminent risk of placement out of their home, school, and community; to reunify youth safely back to their home, school, and community; to improve family functioning, cohesion, and conflict management; to decrease levels of risk, abuse, and neglect and ensure a safe home environment; to teach families and youth competency skills; to empower parents, youth, their extended family and significant persons to resource natural and community support to offset their risks and manage their own lives. 

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